Please find below ‘Amazon Home Warranty’ reviews for the year, 2021. In order to provide you the best home warranty coverage plans, our editorial team has given you an unbiased, comparative review, measuring every detail offered by ‘Amazon Home Warranty’, which includes, pricing, claim policy, accessibility, trustworthiness, coverage, Terms and Conditions and also client feedback. The quality and parameters covered by them, are all measured as per the industry standards.

Amazon Home Warranty Review

$100 Off + free roof + $65 service fee

Peri Elgrot

Home Warranty Editor


  • Numerous Home Warranty Plans to Choose From
  • Satisfied Clientele
  • Contracts Varying in Length- Monthly vs. Annual
  • Free Service For 1 Month
  • Coverage In 46 States


  • Contractors Are Provided, Meaning You Can’t Choose Your Own. Unlike other companies, Amazon Home Warranty employs their own contractors, meaning you can’t choose your own. The business pre-screens candidates and only accepts top-rated, fully licensed contractors. Amazon Home Warranty prefers to handle all of the legwork for their clients, ensuring a seamless process.
  • Limited add-on options

Over the past decade, Amazon Home Warranty has been at the forefront of their field. With collective industry experience of over 50 years, and a BBB rating of A+, this home warranty business equips clients with incomparable service. Amazon Home Warranty provides customers with an extensive network of licensed and certified technicians along with a thorough vetting and screening process. Each homeowner is provided with an array of services and home warranty packages to fit their needs. Cover your major home systems and appliances, such as heating, air conditioning, electrical systems and plumbing. Check out Amazon Home Warranty’s reviews below and compare them with other big names in the industry.

Accredited by BBB Excellent BBB rating A+
Effective In 30 days
Hours 24/7
State Coverage All except CA, HI, NY, WA, NM, FL, IO, OK
Cancellation $30 (free for 30 days)
Basic Plan $479
Deductible $75
Limits $500-$2500
Special Deal $75 of + 1 Month Free


ITEM System Plan Combo Plan Appliance Plan
Water Heater
Air Conditioning
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Clothes Dryer
Clothes Washer
Electrical System
Heating System
Ceiling Fans
Built-In Microwave
Deductible Fee $75 $75 $75

Amazon Home Warranty coverage limits
Air conditioning system $2,500
Ceiling and exhaust fans $500
Electrical system $500
Encased ductwork $500
Plumbing system and stoppage $500
Water heater $500
Whirlpool bathtub $500


$100 Off + free roof + $65 service fee

Amazon’s coverage limit is set at $1,500 per contract item unless otherwise specified. The list below highlights some of the different coverage limits.

Optional coverage can also be purchased separately for items, including:

  • Pools and spas
  • Septic systems
  • Well pumps
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Wine coolers
  • Ice makers

When it comes to home warranties, choosing the right provider is key. Quality service and customer service are crucial, two categories Amazon Home Warranty excels in. The overwhelming number of positive reviews hint that the company is not only trustworthy, but also a quality business. Satisfied customers mention the exemplary customer service, low warranty cost, customizable plans and quick repairs. Find out what past and current clients have to say about Amazon Home Warranty.

Unlike most home warranty companies, Amazon Home Warranty does not have a contract with a no negotiation clause. Choose from a monthly warranty or an annual warranty contract. Your home warranty plan is flexible, providing you with the ability to customize your coverage.

With the purchase of a single payment home warranty plan comes a free first month of services. Homeowners have the ability to preview Amazon Home Warranty’s services before paying in full.

Nearly the entire country, 46 states to be exact, has access to Amazon Home Warranty. The only states where coverage is not available are California, Florida and Washington.

How Does Amazon Home Warranty Compare?

Feature Choice Home Warranty Select Home Warranty Amazon Home Warranty
Annual Premium $370-$450 332$-404$ 349$-579$
Number of contractors 25000 10,000+
Home Inspection
No No No
24/7 Claims Yes Yes Yes
Cancellation Fee Yes 75$ 30$
30 Days 60 Days 30 Days


$100 Off + free roof + $65 service fee

Amazon Home Warranty has served happy customers for over a decade, proving their worth in the industry. Their network
of trustworthy licensed technicians and contractors are the best in the business. Clients have access to easily customizable
plans, as well as the choice of a monthly or annual contract.

Those paying in a single swipe will enjoy their first month of Amazon Home Warranty free of charge.
Glowing reviews insinuate satisfied customers and top-notch customer service.

With knowledge of many home warranty providers, we confidently recommend Amazon Home Warranty and all the established
company has to offer.