Best Home Warranty 2022


Best Home Warranty 2022

Oct 21, 2021 | Home Warranty

Best Home Warranty 2022

Peri Elgrot

Home Warranty Editor

Most likely, your house is one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made, therefore, it deserves the best protection. If a home system or appliance happens to break, a home warranty can cover these things and protect against expensive repair and replacement costs.

In this guide, we go over the best home warranty companies to help consumers find out if a home warranty is worth it, as well as how to get a plan for the best price. If you want to compare home protection plans, browse home warranty reviews, and choose the right coverage for you and your house, keep on reading.

1. Best Overall: Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty has 2 plans available as well as optional add-ons.
It offers after-hours customer service.

And has a 90-day repair guarantee.

It only costs $29-$42 a month.

2. Best Appliance Coverage: American Home Shield

It offers 4 plan options with optional add-ons.
There is an option to build your own plan.

BBB accredited.

There are generous coverage caps.

It only costs $20-$65 a month.

3. Best Value: Select Home Warranty

There are 3 plans available with optional add-ons in Select Home Warranty.
There is free roof leak coverage.

There is an optional septic system coverage.

They have responsive customer service.

It only costs $36-$42 per month.

4. Best Claim Acceptance: First American

There are 2 plan options with optional add-ons.
It covers improperly installed or maintained items.

There is no cap on coverage for HVAC.

It is recommended by and for real estate agents.

It costs only $28-$50 a month.

Buyers Guide:

Home Warranty Costs

Home warranties cover home systems and appliances for the most part. The following has to be true in order for your claim to be approved:

The item has to be explicitly written into your contract and covered under your particular plan.

The item broke due to normal wear and tear.

Routine maintenance has been done on the item before it broke.

By the requirements listed above, your home warranty insurance most likely won’t cover a repair if your garbage disposal isn’t working due to it being jammed with foreign objects like bottle caps or paper clips.

Home warranty coverage can vary by provider as well as plan. Just make sure you fully understand the coverage and exclusions outlined in your sample contract before signing.

It could be helpful for you to keep copies of your home inspection or maintenance receipts on hand. While a home inspection isn’t a requirement to get a home warranty, it could support your claim if the age or status of your appliances and systems are being questioned.

Home Warranty Coverage Caps

For the most part, home warranty providers set spending limits on each covered appliance and system.

For instance, your plan might set a maximum spending limit of $1,500 on your heating system. Under this warranty, the provider would only cover the repair or replacement cost of an HVAC system up to $1,500. You would have to pay the rest of the bill.

Fortunately, your home warranty still saves you money, sometimes even thousands of dollars, even if it isn’t the full cost of repair or replacement.

Types Of Home Warranty Plans

Most home warranty providers offer three levels of coverage. Some split their plans by the number of items they have covered, while others divider coverage by the type of item.

It’s also important to shop around and choose the best plan that covers the most items that you yourself have in your home.