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For many years, I’ve been a customer of Select Home Warranty and have always been satisfied with rates, service, and efficiency!

Last month, there was a weird burning smell from our dryer and stopped drying the clothes altogether.  I called Select and they were really quick to send a mechanic to resolve the issue.

My dryer is back and working perfectly!

Christina M-Select
Panama, Florida
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Choice Home Warranty was very professional, with top-notch service. Purchasing our first plan and even our first request for service went smoothly. We got personalized and quick service. I have tried plenty of other home warranties and am impressed with Choice Home Warranty.

Ethan – Choice
Atlanta, Georgia
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I have been associated with Select for 3 years now! And I have absolutely no complaints at all. They listen carefully to their customers and solve the problem as fast as they can.

I had a problem with my 9 year old microwave some time back. The technician who came to check it, closely had a look and said that it cannot be repaired. So, they simply replaced it for me. Thanks to the coverage plan, it cost me just $95, the deductible charges.

Lauren – Select
Chicago, Illinois