Company Reviews

Company Reviews

Home warranties help cover costly repairs on systems and appliances that break due to normal wear and tear. If you’re searching for the best home warranty company, we designed this guide to help you break down how home warranties work, how much they cost and what to look for in a contract to make sure you get the right coverage.

A New Jersey-based company founded in 2008, Choice Home Warranty offers two different plans. They have comprehensive protection against the high costs of repairs and replacements of major home systems and appliances.. click to read more

The New Jersey-based company provides home warranty plans all across the United States.
Offering levels of coverage with optional add-ons that allow homeowners to fully customize their warranties. Select Home Warranty covers all makes and models of appliances and home systems. They have a B rating with the BBB… click to read more

The Home Service Club is one of those genuine websites that we found is true to its promises. Based in New York City, the home warranty company has been on the top of the game for quite some time. Their website is completely packed with details about home warranty, their services, the fees, coverage options and the liability caps… click to read more.

Liberty Home Guard is a home warranty provider that is heavily focused on its customers. The company believes that a problem in your home is a problem in theirs. They provide a number of home warranty plans that allow consumers to have the option to choose the best one for… click to read more

Complete Care, the newest member in the home warranty section, is making quite an impact in recent days. It has caught the attention of home buyers because of its user friendly policies like unlimited claims, no restriction on the age of the covered items and approvals not requiring home inspection. Complete care is a home care service that gives homeowners maintenance coverage for a wide range of electronics and appliances. It also has special service packages for renters and homeowners. click to read more…