Complete Care Home Warranty Review


Complete Care Home
Warranty Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Home Warranty Editor


  • 30 day free trial
  • Service enrollment without mandatory home inspection or verification of previous maintenance records.
  • Service call center facility
  • Guaranteed protection.


  • Small appliances not covered
  • Incomplete information on the website.

Complete Care, the newest member in the home warranty section, is making quite an impact in recent days. It has caught the attention of home buyers because of its user friendly policies like unlimited claims, no restriction on the age of the covered items and approvals not requiring home inspection. Complete care is a home care service that gives homeowners maintenance coverage for a wide range of electronics and appliances. It also has special service packages for renters and homeowners.

Complete Care services in a Nutshell

• The annual premium rates start from $420.
• It has three types of plans to cater to different users- Systems, Combo and appliances
• It provides services in 47 states (excluding California, Alaska and Washington)
• It provides HVAC on system and combo plans alike
• No home inspection is required to avail the services
• Round the clock claims department and call Centre service available

What are the appliances and systems covered under Complete Care?

Depending on each individual policy holders plan, complete care provides with coverage for regular wear and tear of the items covered. If one has opted for the systems plan, then the problems arising out of normal wear and tear of the home appliances like the heating system, air conditioning and the plumbing system. Any kind of deterioration or malfunctioning in these systems will be covered for maintenance and repair.

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Complete Care Home Warranty

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The items that will be covered will depend on the plan that is chosen by the user. The complete details of each plan and its coverage will be discussed below. Complete Care provides very good service when it comes to appliances. However the appliance plan does not cover smaller products like ice maker and microwaves. The appliance plan covers 10 items. The Systems plan covers 6 house systems. There is also a combo plan for users looking for cost efficient options. In the combo plan there is a total coverage of 16 items. In case you have an appliance that is not covered specifically under any plan, you can purchase an additional coverage for them. Example : spa units, water heaters etc. Additional coverage can be chosen for over 20 items.
The following table depicts what exactly is covered in each individual plan:

Water heaterYesNoYes
Plumbing stoppagesYesNoYes
Air conditioningYesNoYes
Garage door openerNoYesYes
Garbage disposalNoYesYes
Trash compactorNoNoNo
Water dispenserNoNoNo
Ice makerNoNoNo
Built in microwaveNoNoNo
Ceiling fansNoYesYes
Attic and exhaust fansNoYesYes
Clothes dryerNoYesYes
Clothes washerNoYesYes
Toilet banks and bowlsNoNoNo
Sump pumpsNoNoNo
Whirlpool and bath motor pumpsNoNoNo
complete care home warranty logo in 215X70 size

Complete Care Home Warranty

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What Do People Say About Complete Care Home Warranty?

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A good company, but I am sure they can work on improving their customer service team and management. My friends recommended me to Complete Care Home Warranty and I took up their services after a little research. The offers, coverage and plans are all good, but they keep your call on hold a lot. I had to wait for a while before someone finally filed the claim and informed me when the technician would arrive to fix the garage door. The technician came on time and did his work perfectly. I just hope they improve their services better.

Gina W – Complete Care
Chicago, Illinois
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A good company no doubt with lots of services and offers, but has definitely some management issues. I have 2 claims with them and they took a lot of time to resolve. I called their toll-free number and filed the claims on the phone but the technician didn’t arrive until I called them a third time. The technician came and sorted out the issue with the ac but, the second claim for the leaking bathroom pipe was still unresolved for another week. The plumber came and resolved it later. They have the potential to become better but only if the entire team works better.

Wolf J – Complete Care
Rhode Island

From the above table it is now quite evident that Complete Care has a very wide range of coverage when it comes to home appliances and systems. It provides maintenance and repair coverage for basic systems like HVAC, plumbing, washing machines and refrigerators. However some small appliances like microwaves etc are still not covered in any plans. The company can put these additions up for their future upgrades.

Optimal coverage for Extra Items:

If you want services for any item that has not been listed in the three basic plans then you can always opt for the additional coverage. Complete Care provides optimal coverage for the following items:

  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Additional spas
  • Central vaccum
  • Roof leak
  • Sump pump
  • Well pump
  • Septic sytem
  • Septic pumping
  • Freestanding ice
  • Additional AC system
  • Additional heating system
  • Limited Roof leak
  • Additional water heater
  • Additional garage door opener
  • Additional oven or stove
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Refrigerator (second)
  • AC system
  • Stand alone freezer unit
  • Heating system
  • Water softener
  • Garden sprinkler system
  • Ice maker
  • Tankless water heater

Pricing of Complete Care Services

Complete Care gives its users a number of different plans to choose from. There are 3 major plans in the offering- the Systems Plan, The appliance plan and the Combo Plan. The plans are designed in such a way that maximum users can get coverage. The first and second plans are mainly for new home owners who have relatively newer appliances. The new appliances come with a warranty and are in fairly good condition. In spite of that the plan offers an additional coverage. Another scenario is when you do not have much idea about the age of the items in the house or you want some additional coverage when there is an appliance or system breakdown. In all such cases looking for additional coverage, the Combo plan will come of great help.

The pricing of these plans is as follows. In case of any queries customers can always contact the Complete Care customer helpline.

Yearly Rates of Complete Care Plans:

  • Appliance Plan: Starting at $420
  • Systems Plan: Starting at $420
  • Combo Plan: Starting at $499.

Complete Care prices are very competitive and they offer the best rates in the market. They are popular for reasonable annual pricing plans. They also claim to have the lowest service fees in the market. Per visit charges are only $45. They give their users a 30 day free trial to get a fair idea of their services. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a full refund or cancel your plan.

 Service with Complete Care

Complete Care Home Warranty service provides a wide range of flexible coverage for the various appliances and system s in your house. At the time of purchasing the service, there is no age limit that is applied on your home appliances. This comes as a big relief and selling point for many home owners as most of them need repairs or maintenance or replacement of the old items or systems. It is obvious that the newly bought items work fine.

Complete care does not ask for your old maintenance records. There is no mandatory home inspection before they offer the coverage to you. Most of the home warranty companies in the market ask for a home inspection before they can offer you any coverage.

Complete care does not put a cap on the number of claims that you can do once you buy the policy. Once you have purchased the policy, you simply call the customer care number and have a technician to come attend your service needs. This is how the claim process works:

  • In case of appliance or system breakdown, call complete Care customer helpline. They have dedicated 24×7 helpline which is available all-round the year.
  • Once you request is taken by the team, a technician will be assigned to you and will arrive as soon as possible. One thing to take note of here is that in case of a breakdown, you will not be able to call your own technician and only those technicians that are available in your network, will be arranged by Complete Care. However Complete Care has a wide network of experienced technicians in all areas of expertise so this rarely is an issue with any customer.
  • Pay the service fee of $45 and avail the appliance or system repair. The technicians will first asses the problem and then repair/fix it. In case a repair is not possible, then Complete Care will replace the item as per the terms mentioned in your policy.

Comparison of Complete Care with Other Companies:

Yearly premium charges$420 onwards$445.50 onwards$430
No: of technicians/contractorsLarge network of techniciansWide network10,000+
Mandatory home inspectionNONONO
24×7 customer serviceYESYESYES
Post service guaranteeN/A30 day guarantee for service.

90 day guarantee for parts



Complete Care is a well-known name in the Home warranty market. They have highly trained technicians with working experience of more than 30 years. They maintain high standards of their technicians by training them for the job. Complete Care has a no home inspection policy which makes it very easy for customers to get onboard and avail their services.  They have plans designed for multiple users and provide round the clock customer services making sure that homeowners can live peacefully without having to worry about repair and maintenance.

About Complete Care:

Complete Care is a popular name in the home warranty market with an experience of more than 30 years. They provide services that cover over 20 appliances and systems including all standard home gadgets and items. As a company complete care has a very customer centric policy and takes care of each individual customer in the best possible way. It has customer friendly policies like 30 day free trial and flexible policy terms which go to show how much it cares for its end users.