Top Home Appliance Warranty Companies

Protect yourself from unexpected repair costs

Top Home Appliance Warranties

Looking to protect your home and appliances from costly repairs or replacements? We’ve vetted and compared dozens of the best home appliance warranty companies and analyzed thousands of home warranty reviews.

Top Home Appliance Warranty Companies

Protect yourself from unexpected repair costs

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Frieda D – Choice

OK! So 2 weeks ago when our heater went off I filed a claim online and instantly received a call from the company that had the contract for fixing the problem. They assured me that their contractor would come up and service the heater soon.

As it was a weekend, we decided to choose a working day that we both agreed to, as it was not an emergency. Being the only one at home and because I wasn’t using the heater, it was ok for me to wait for a couple of days.

The technician came on the decided date and he fixed the heater in just an hour’s time! I checked it and my family has been using the heater without facing any problem. This just proves that the company is reliable, good at its service and definitely listens to the customer’s complaints.

I am happy that I chose them and invested my money in the right hands.

Frieda D – Choice

Atlanta, Georgia
John Wesley – ServicePlus

It was freezing outside and my heater decided to stop working at the same time. ServicePluswas really quick to get in action after I filed a claim. They dispatched a technician on the very next day and took care of the fault. I am really thankful to the customer service team for working on the issue faster.

Moreover, the technician described the entire problem to me in details, making sure that I understood the error and what they had fixed. Thankfully, we didn’t have to spend another day in the freezing cold without the heater. I was really impressed with their services and didn’t have to pay anything apart from the service fee.

John Wesley – ServicePlus

Atlanta, Georgia
Lauren – Select

I have been associated with Select for 3 years now! And I have absolutely no complaints at all. They listen carefully to their customers and solve the problem as fast as they can.

I had a problem with my 9 year old microwave some time back. The technician who came to check it, closely had a look and said that it cannot be repaired. So, they simply replaced it for me. Thanks to the coverage plan, it cost me just $95, the deductible charges.

Lauren – Select

Chicago Illinois

What Is A Home Appliance Warranty?

A lot of people have this question, what is a home warranty? To put it simply, a home warranty is a yearly service contract that will protect specific home systems and appliances. Imagine you discover water leaking out of your dishwasher. If you got a home warranty that includes coverage for your dishwasher, the warranty can cover its repair or replacement.

Normally, home warranties can cover heating, those things breaks air conditioning systems, and plumbing. Appliances covered can include the dishwasher, oven, and washer/dryer. When one of and is in the contract, the home warranty company can fix them or replace them.

The Reason Homeowners Need A Home Warranty

If you own a home currently, ask yourself when was the last time you had an appliance, heating system, or air conditioning break down? If you happen to be like a lot of homeowners, the answer will either be last year, this year or maybe even last week. Everyone knows appliances and home systems will eventually break. A home warranty provides some protection against the inevitable wear and tear of the things that are covered.

First-time homeowners can also benefit from home warranty coverage. A lot of times, extra funds are in short supply throughout the first few years of homeownership. Surprise expenses can potentially derail dreams of updating or improving the newly-bought home.

Why Buyers And Sellers Need To Have Home Warranty-

If you happen to be buying or selling a home, a home warranty can help protect your budget.

For buyers, the home warranty protects them from expensive repairs when a covered appliance or system fails.

For sellers, the home warranty protects them from unexpected repairs that can be needed while the home is listed. Maybe you’re selling a home and looking to buy another. You wouldn’t want the sale to be postponed or derailed if a covered item happens to break down in the middle of negotiations.

What Does A Home Warranty Cover

Home warranties typically cover the major systems and appliances in your home. This means that all of the components that keep your home protected from damage and functioning properly are included.

  • Central air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Humidifiers
  • Electrical systems and wiring
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens and cooktops of any kind
  • Dishwashers
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves (the built-in kind)
  • Water heaters
  • Garbage disposals
  • Washers and dryers
  • Garage doors and openers
  • Roofing

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The Questions You Should Be Asking Your Home
Warranty Company

All homeowners, especially those with older homes, should have an appliance warranty plan. The average person is so eager to choose a plan that they forego research and rely solely on recommendations from friends and family instead. Although it may sound like a good idea in theory, practically speaking, choosing the right home warranty plan requires more than just depending on the word around town.

Online Research & Study

With a click of a button, anyone, anywhere can access pretty much anything out there; along with home warranty companies’ ratings and reviews.

We always advise our readers to research a variety of companies before settling on one. With that being said, while online research does indeed provide helpful information, it is also important to turn elsewhere before making a decision. Before signing a warranty contract, or any contract for that matter, it is crucial to ask a few important questions.

Questions For An Appliance Warranty Company

These are the questions you need to raise to your home warranty provider. If they fail to provide you with details or reply with very unclear, vague answers, they may not be the most reputable out there.

Standard plans are usually the best-sellers for home warranty companies. Why is that the case you ask? They cover most basic systems and appliances, and they’re priced to sell. For those looking to purchase a standard plan, be sure to ask about annual premiums as well as coverage. Your best bet is to approach a few companies for a free quote. This will ensure you’ve received the most budget-friendly option.

You’ve probably heard companies claim they’ll replace an appliance that can’t be repaired. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. What they really mean is that they’ll give you some money to replace the damaged appliance with a similar model. What they forget to mention is that there is often a maximum on the amount that can be claimed. Some companies have a higher upper limit than others, so be sure to ask.

Almost all home warranty companies increase the annual premium each year. Even if you didn’t claim anything in a given year, you may still face an annual increment. We recommend simply asking if they do in fact impose a yearly increment, and if so, how much it is.

Although we wish it weren’t the case, there is no perfect home warranty plan out there. Not all damages to appliances are covered, and most companies will spell out what is covered, and what isn’t. If after reading the fine print, you still have questions, reach out to a representative and ask about coverage limitations.

What happens when you aren’t satisfied with the repair job? Customers have reported calling the home warranty company, paying the deductible twice and finishing the process with a big headache. Most reputable home warranty companies guarantee their repair jobs, something to definitely look out for in your search. Ask your potential provider whether they also have this sort of system in place.

Most home warranty companies will tell you about their plans, pricing and coverage; rarely do you see a section about how they handle disputes. When most of these companies have a dispute with a customer, they prefer to leave the court out of the matter. This question is crucial, so don’t forget to ask it!

Ask about the company’s deductible amount. Most home warranties charge a service fee when filing a claim. The fee ranges in price from company to company. Decide how much you’re comfortable paying before committing to a policy with a deductible.

The Final Word

Before choosing a home warranty company, make sure to do a bit of research. It is also recommended to visit and to read feedback hosted on our site from thousands of actual customers. Best of luck in your search to find the right home warranty company for you.

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