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Home Service Club

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Home Warranty Editor


  • 24/7 customer service
  • No age limit on covered items
  • Available nationwide
  • Customizable Coverage
  • Auto-Registered Online Account


  • High premiums

The Home Service Club

The home warranty market is flooded with a wide variety of companies, each claiming to be the best. In our search to find the best companies for you, we have come across several home warranty companies and have reviewed them to help you understand the offers better.

The Home Service Club is one of those genuine websites that we found is true to its promises. Based in New York City, the home warranty company has been on the top of the game for quite some time. Their website is completely packed with details about home warranty, their services, the fees, coverage options and the liability caps. The website is well designed and upfront with their followers, helping them get every bit of information they need related to home warranties. This is one of the main reasons why we chose The Home Service Club as one of the best companies for new home buyers in our list. The positive points of the company don’t just stop here.

Home Service Club further offers flexible coverage plans in addition to generous liability caps on repairs and replacements to its customers.
The Home Service Club offers two home warranty plans to all homeowners, namely: The Standard Coverage Plan and The Comprehensive coverage Plan.

State CoverageAll
Cancellationfull refund, minus a $45 processing fee
Basic Plan$420
Deductible$65 or $95
Special Deal$75 off+ 1 month free

The Standard Coverage Plan embraces 18 most common home systems and appliances that include air conditioning, plumbing, heating, dishwashers, refrigerators, clothes washers and also clothes dryers.

One the other hand, The Comprehensive Service Plan includes an additional 15 items (total 33 items) in its coverage such as smoke detectors, doorbells, alarm wiring, plumbing stoppage coverage and telephone wiring.

However, if you need more coverage, the home warranty company offers an additional 6 part Utility Line coverage plan (add-on) and individual options which can be added to either of these plans based on the customer’s needs.

These include line coverage, sprinkler systems, free-standing freezers, water softeners, well pumps, pools and spas, and finally roof coverage.

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 $75 Off + 1 month free

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What Do They Cover?







Air Conditioning/Cooler
Heating Systems
Water Heater
Water Leaks
Plumbing System
Electrical System
Ceiling Fans
Central Vacuum
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Re- circulating Hot Water Pump
Gas Leak
Sump Pump
Instant Hot Cold Water Dispenser
Pest Control
Telephone Wiring
Alarm Wiring
Whirlpool Motor and Pump Assemblies
Plumbing Stoppages
Smoke Detectors

Optional coverage can also be purchased separately for items, including:

  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sprinkler System
  • Roof Coverage
  • Freestanding Freezer
  • Sewage Ejector Pump
  • Refrigerator Built in Unit with Dual Compressors
  • Water Softener
  • Well Pump
  • Jetted Bathtub
the home service club logo in 215X70 size

 $75 Off + 1 month free

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What Do People Say About The Home Service Club?

author image

So far, I have never had a bad experience with them. I have been with HSC for just 9 months now, and they have always answered back with the right answers for my queries. 2 months back, my washing machine stopped draining water and it was not a pleasant experience. Within 2 days I had a huge pile of clothes that needed to be washed. I made a claim about it and they sent a service guy to check the problem and have it repaired.

They had to replace a part of the machine and everything was sorted thankfully in 4 days. And I spent the next 2 days washing all the clothes in the machine without any problem. Well, thanks to HSC for listening to their customers and taking actions soon.

Brooklyn Briggs-Home Service Club
Sunnyvale, CA
author image

I had recently placed a claim for my new home’s air conditioning system. As it was a new home, I had never thought that I would need to make a claim so soon. Luckily, the AC unit was covered under my policy and the technician came over to check the unit soon. He found the problem was in the plug which was burnt along with its wiring. And stated that there must have been a short circuit in the unit that caused the plug to burn.

It was caused due to poor quality wiring and the technician stated how lucky we were that it was only the plug that got burnt or the entire house would have been on fire.

Rosemary Keeves – Home Service Club
Huntsville, AL

The Home Service Club – Claims

The New York based home warranty company has been in the business for a long 10 years now.

The website of The Home Service Club claims that they are committed to offering their customers with the best services, information and assurance needed to help them keep their homes safe and in the best of conditions.

The company tries its best to eliminate hassles, customer frustration, expenses of replacing or repairing of covered appliances and the breakdown of mechanical systems caused due to regular machine wear and tear caused due to weather conditions or age, to help their customers enjoy the best experience with them.

They promise you peace of mind that comes to you, knowing the fact that your house is completely protected against unknown and unpredicted system breakdowns.

The Home Service Club is your one stop station to help you save thousands of dollars which are otherwise spent on home service and the repairing of expensive appliances.

The Truth

Well, it all depends on the home warranty plan that you choose for covering all your needs!

Hence, as long as you go through the company contract carefully and understand clearly how and when the home warranty plan helps cover your expenses, the Home Service Club warranty plans are surely the best for you.

For instance, if your dishwasher breaksdown or your refrigerator stops functioning or your air conditioner stops blowing cold air, The Home Service Club can help you with them all.

Art Chartrand, the Executive Director of National Home Service Contract Association further mentions that the company doesn’t off Emergency Services to its customers.
While the company offers some of the best inclusive and flexible services to its customers, it also has a certain drawback that we have seen during our review.

Home Service Club falls short of giving their customers workmanship guarantee and the service fees.

The company has the shortest recall period and one of the highest service fees in the market.

This means that you may have to go through a little frustration, especially if you receive an unreliable repair for one of your complaints.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that choosing Home Service Club may be a disappointing choice.

You need to consider the fact that they offer you the best coverage at the best price.

A small tip from us, Compare the quotes of the company with the other renowned and leading home warranty companies in the market.

Best Known For – New homebuyers; Also for those who want a flexible coverage option
Not Ideal For – Homeowners who are looking for workmanship guarantee

Features of Home Service Club

Great Online Information

Finding your way perfectly during the purchase of your first home is a tough work.

And The home Service Club website is perfect for any new purchaser to understand the basics of home warranty and also compare the fee with the other competitor companies.

You will have a guide to almost every topic to help you decide what you want to know before choose a home warranty plan.

In fact, you will also receive good home care advices for topics such as How Much Home Insurance Do I Need? Or Should You Replace Your HVAC System? The website also has a comprehensive FAQ page to help the customers get answers to almost all the basic home warranty questions, the plans, service requests and also coverage options.

Substantial Liability Caps

All home warranty companies have different liability caps.

Liability cap gives you an indication about the maximum amount of money paid by a home warranty company for appliance replacement or repairs. Home Service Club offers a generous amount of coverage on appliances and also offers caps that are average of the cost of repair, unlike other companies that offer a $500 cap on individual appliances or systems.

You will find such caps on almost more than 40 appliances and home systems mentioned in the company’s service contract.

This hence makes it important for you to clearly read these written contracts before you choose the ideal Home Warranty companies.

Air conditioning systems or the heating systems in homes are breakable and usually difficult to fix.

They are covered by Home Service Club for $2,500 for replacement and repairs according to the contract terms.

And trust us when we say that this is quite an amount offered by the company.

Drawbacks To Look Out For

High Service Fees

Home Service Club charges a fee that is comparatively higher in the range at $65 or $95, depending entirely on the options you choose.

Most of these competitors choose to charge a basic rate somewhere between $60 and $75,  for sending an approved technician to visit your home and then scrutinise your claim.

So, if a company charges you $95 as a service fee, then it is obvious that people choose a cheaper option when they sign up with a company for coverage.

However, you must know that this only increases the monthly premium for you.

Short recall period

Amongst all the home warranty companies that we reviewed with the help of our experts, The Home Service Club has the shortest recall period of 30 days for the spare parts and 90 days for the labor services.

In simpler words, if a repair or replacement service goes wrong after this time frame, then you will be needed to pay another service fee for the company’s technician to come again and fix it for you.

Most companies that we have reviews in our website, offer a longer recall period between 60 and 180 days which is much longer than what is offered by Home Service Club.

According to our research, AFC Home Club is the winner of the Best Workmanship Guarantee feature.

The company abandons the service fees for all your faulty repairs, as long as your contract is functional.

Comparison With Other Companies

Home Service Club Vs American Home Shield

American Home Shield like Home Service Club is also a very renowned home warranty company that is known for its flexible coverage options. However, when we compare their recall periods, the service fees of American Home Shield is more expensive than that of Home Service Club.

Overall, Home Service Club proves to be a much better option for all new homebuyers, especially for their resourceful online portal and the cheaper service fees.

However, if you have a bigger or a comparatively older home, then the American Home Shield seems like a better option due to its large liability caps that are offered for all appliances and home systems.

Home Service Club Vs Choice Home Warranty

When we compared the coverage plans of the Home Service Club with that of the Choice Home Warranty, we came across the fact that the plans of HSC are more flexible than the later.

And this is a feature that most customers will appreciate.

Even the basic plan of Home Service Club includes systems and appliances such as air conditioning, clothes washer, clothes dryers and refrigerators. With Choice Home Warranty, customers will have to choose a more expensive plan to get these basic and essential systems and appliances covered. On an average, Choice Home Warranty processes all its claims faster than all other competitor companies due to its advanced technological system. Moreover, it is the second largest home warranty company service provider in America.

This means that the company has a comparatively larger network of good and efficient service technicians.

Hence, on a personal front, we recommend you to scrutinise all your coverage needs and then compare the quotes offered to you by both these home warranty companies before you make your final decision.

Home Service Club Vs AFC Home Club

Home Service Club and AFC are two absolute rivals in the home warranty market.

However, AFC is the one that lives upto the designation of Club.

AFC has better membership perks which includes free credit score monitoring and also identity protection than Home Service club.

AFC has a B rating from Better Business Bureau (a non-profit ranking organization) while Home Service club is still unaccredited, and is hence considered a more reliable choice as per the customer service terms.

Home Service Club has a very resourceful online portal and liability cap which makes it a good and praiseworthy competitor.

Hence, it is best that you make your choice after a basic comparison of quotes.

FAQs Related to Home Service Club

Does HSC require a home inspection?

 No! Home Service Club doesn’t require any prior inspection to the purchase of home warranty plans.

The company claims that their plans can be easily purchased on the telephone or from their online platform.

So, if you are a new buyer who approaches us via a real estate agent.

Moreover, the company doesn’t refuse coverage despite the age of your home system and the appliances.

Does HSC have a recall period for faulty repairs?

 Yes! HSC has a good reputed workmanship guarantee of 30 days for labor services and 90 days for repair parts.

This a standard time given by companies in the home warranty industry.

This is a comparatively shorter time period in comparison to other companies such as AFC Home Club, Sears Home Warranty and Total Protect.


The Home Service Club is one of the best options for home warranty plans available in the market especially for all new homebuyers who are looking for flexible home coverage plans along with online resources and support.

Buyers will love the Home Service Club especially for its plans and the online chat feature that instantly answers all the doubts and questions of the customers.

However, it is always wise to check and compare quotes offered by HSC with the quotes offered by other companies.

This will help you get the best home warranty deals. So, visit our entire list of home warranty companies before you make your decision.