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Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Home Warranty Editor


  • 24/7 customer service
  • No age limit on covered items
  • Available nationwide
  • Customizable Coverage
  • Auto-Registered Online Account


  • High premiums
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What Do People Say About The Home Service Club?

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So far, I have never had a bad experience with them. I have been with HSC for just 9 months now, and they have always answered back with the right answers for my queries. 2 months back, my washing machine stopped draining water and it was not a pleasant experience. Within 2 days I had a huge pile of clothes that needed to be washed. I made a claim about it and they sent a service guy to check the problem and have it repaired.

They had to replace a part of the machine and everything was sorted thankfully in 4 days. And I spent the next 2 days washing all the clothes in the machine without any problem. Well, thanks to HSC for listening to their customers and taking actions soon.

Brooklyn Briggs-Home Service Club
Sunnyvale, CA
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I had recently placed a claim for my new home’s air conditioning system. As it was a new home, I had never thought that I would need to make a claim so soon. Luckily, the AC unit was covered under my policy and the technician came over to check the unit soon. He found the problem was in the plug which was burnt along with its wiring. And stated that there must have been a short circuit in the unit that caused the plug to burn.

It was caused due to poor quality wiring and the technician stated how lucky we were that it was only the plug that got burnt or the entire house would have been on fire.

Rosemary Keeves – Home Service Club
Huntsville, AL
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