Which Is The Best Home Warranty Service For Your Heating And A/C Units?


Which Is The Best Home Warranty Service For Your Heating And A/C Units?

Oct 12, 2021 | Home Warranty

Which Is The Best Home Warranty Service For Your Heating And A/C Units?

Peri Elgrot

Home Warranty Editor

During summers, it is almost impossible to imagine our days without the home cooling units! Similarly, during the chilly winter days, it is the home heating units that help us stay warm and protected from the winter cold. In fact, it is the cooling and heating units that work the hardest all year round to keep us safe and comfortable. But they are machines and it is inevitable that they fail once in a while.

Repairing or replacing a heating or cooling unit can be a very expensive matter which can put a hole in your pockets and upset your savings. In fact, repairing or replacing your heating or cooling system can cost you a couple of thousand dollars. It is at these times that a good home warranty service can help you save your money and also get your HVAC unit repaired or replaced based on its requirement. A good home warranty service must cover your home’s heating and cooling system also including its parts, even when the unit stops working unexpectedly.

Fortunately, there are many home warranties that offer HVAC coverage. In case your company doesn’t offer, you may simply request them to add the service to your policy at a reasonable rate. So, before your heating unit or cooling system fails and causes a disaster in your house, it is best that you choose the best home warranty service.
Here are some of the most popular and promising home warranties that offer coverage for almost all your home systems including, A/C and heating systems.


What’s Good?

– Covers almost everything system and appliance that is inside and outside your home.

– Almost every home appliance is covered by their plans.

– Both plans give you access to the best repair service providers who are qualified and screened to ensure only the best repair services.

– Allows you to build your own customized home warranty plan or customize their current plans according to your needs.

– Ensures you maximum and necessary coverage

– Offers you optional coverage on a few expensive parts or systems of your home such as swimming pools, sump pumps, spas, roof leaks and septic system.

Choice Home Warranty is one of the top-runners in the home warranty market. They have the largest list of long-term customers and offer home warranty plans at the best competitive market rates. So, if you are a homeowner, a landlord or a realtor, Choice home Warranty is the perfect choice for you.


Select Home Warranty

What’s Good?

– Offers comprehensive coverage to their customers

– You can secure your home, home appliances and systems at an affordable rate

– Offers flexibility in claims to customers and allows you to include you’re A/C and heating units in your plan

– Making a claim is quick and easy

– Allows you to schedule repairs and other services without disrupting your daily schedule.

– Ideal for new homes

– New warranties and plans can receive up to $100 discount and Free additional coverage for a few months.

Select Home Warranty with its wide number of customer benefits makes it one of the best home warranty companies especially for new homes that haven’t undergone any previous repairing.

First American

What’s Good?

– Offers extensive choices with options, explanations and also thorough coverage details to customers

– Offers your cooling and heating system warranty coverage.

– First American covers everything from corrosion, rusting or problems caused due to the lack of proper maintenance in your HVAC system.

– Offers quick service to customers that can be scheduled or be resolved within 4 hours of the claim during business hours.

– Easy to follow and understand. Allows you to view sample contracts as well as coverage limits.

– You are offered complete information about your coverage limits and responsibilities before you choose a warranty.

First American is believed to be the ideal choice for people who are looking for quick services for a wide list of service appliances and systems, especially for the people staying in mobile home, townhouse or condos.

What’s Good?

– Offers budgeted monthly and annual plans

– Every service provider is pre-screened and a professional with good knowledge.

– First Month fee is Free and you also get $50 Off.

– Offers their customers every details and help needed with the help of a 24X7 customer support.

The company offers great services and are just a call away from you. All you need to do is check their list of systems and appliances that they cover. The company offers you comprehensive warranty at the best affordable rates.

Liberty Home Guard

What’s Good?

– LHG offers you with 3 well planned warranty plans with several additional add-ons.

– Liberty’s basic plan starts at $1 a day.

– Offers full HVAC coverage to their customers for repair or replacement.

– The company offers you only pre-screened, licensed, safe and expert service providers for servicing your claims.

– LHG offers you a guaranteed 30 day money back offer and also a refund of your contract fee with them.

– The company tracks your claims and provides you services instantaneously.

One of the most budget friendly home warranty companies in the country, Liberty Home Guard is precisely a good option for home owners looking for a home warranties for their new homes.


Important Tips To Help You Choose Better

The heating and the air conditioning system in a house are the two most important and hard-working units of all. And to ensure that they keep functioning smoothly, you need to make sure that your home warranty covers the HVAC system completely, no matter whether you need them repaired or replaced. If not, the expense to repair or replace it will surely put a dent to your pocket. However, there are some facts about HVAC systems and home warranties. Read on to known about them.

– A home warranty covering your heating and air conditioning system need not be expensive.

– With the help of an annual fee, you can protect your home at a very inexpensive rate.

– With a home warranty, you never have to worry about repairs or replacing a unit, if needed.

– Make sure that your home warranty company covers the HVAC Systems.

– Search is the key! Make sure that you do your research well, before you finalise the best one. Read their, services, fees, coverage, expert reviews and customer feedback to make the right choice.